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Decoding secrets of Brokerage houses:

Lowest brokerage is not the best solution every time. If you are thinking so, you must also think about the below TWO questions and answer yourself.

1. Do you think broking firm with less brokerage is better?

Yes, but not always. Now think about of the below case.

You are trading in derivatives and firm “A” provides brokerage of Rs.20/- and firm “B” for Rs.25/-. But for one lot of Nifty or any other stock, firm A charges Rs.70,000/- as span margin and firm B charges Rs.60,000/-. Here is the game many firms play – You are paying more margin which not only stops you from taking extra positons but also converts that again into brokerage (in the form of interest). In fact, you lose more because you cannot trade with your full money.

If you are trading in cash/equity, the exposure that you get from firm A will be less than firm B. So, again you have to trade with your own money.

Takeaway: If the difference in brokerages are minute, prefer the one which gives more exposure and takes less margin. Do NOT go with less brokerage firm instead.

2. Do you know that you need to choose broking firms according to the type of your trading and quantity?

There are basically three types of plans that are available in market.

  • Based on turnover (or based onper lot) – around 0.7 paisa to 1 paisa
  • Fixed price per order (any no. of lots or any quantity) – around Rs.20/- per order
  • Fixed brokerage per month (unlimited trading) – around Rs.2,500/- per month

Imp Note: Third plan (unlimited trading) exempts only brokerage but six other charges including STT are still to be paid. So this is useful only if you trade extremely in huge quantities.

Case to consider:
You are trading intraday equity worth Rs.1,00,000/- in every order and you take four stocks daily. So total of four buy orders and four sell orders make them eight orders in total.

Now, if you select second plan (based on per order), you are mistaken. It charges Rs.20/- (say) per order but if you got the first plan (based on turnover) it would just cost you Rs.10/-. For eight transactions, you are losing Rs.80 every day and that is more than Rs.21,000/- absolutely per year.

On the other hand, if you are trading with more than two lots every time, then you need to opt for “per order” plan.

Takeaway: There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to plan selection. You must choose as per your trading style.

More to think –
Say, you bought 2 lots of nifty or 1000 shares of Reliance. If you have target and stop loss with you, you need to place one order for target and other for SL which takes double margin. But what if you have a trading software that accepts both target and SL in one order with single margin requirement? When either of target or SL is executed, the other gets cancelled automatically. Profitable, isn’t it?

Lots of other things to think…

  • Do you know that some firms give less brokerage and charge extra on every phone transaction?
  • Do you know that you pay seven different brokerages every time you trade?
  • Do you know that your brokerage will eat 40% of your profits at the end of the year?
  • Do you how important your trading and back office softwares are in analyzing your past trades?

Yes, we take care of all the above points and show you the best broker in India with least brokerage. Just fill the form and save 95% of your current brokerage.