Intraday Tips

Stock Signal Entry Target Stop
CIPLA-I.NFO Short 565.95 554.63 577.269
HDFC-I.NFO Short 1812.199 1775.955 1848.443
HINDPETRO-I.NFO Short 361.35 354.123 368.576
IBULHSGFIN-I.NFO Short 1206.449 1182.32 1230.578
INDUSINDBK-I.NFO Buy 1724.15 1758.633 1689.666
INFY-I.NFO Buy 1190.5 1214.31 1166.689
ITC-I.NFO Short 263.05 257.789 268.311
LUPIN-I.NFO Short 764.4 749.111 779.688
LT-I.NFO Short 1281.199 1255.575 1306.823
NIFTY-I.NFO Short 10282.45 10076.8 10488.1
RELIANCE-I.NFO Short 903.45 885.38 921.519
SUNPHARMA-I.NFO Short 507.75 497.595 517.905
TATAMTRDVR-I.NFO Short 193 189.139 196.86
TATAMOTORS-I.NFO Short 346.55 339.619 353.481
TATASTEEL-I.NFO Short 597.549 585.598 609.5
ULTRACEMCO-I.NFO Short 4095.949 4014.031 4177.869
VEDL-I.NFO Short 287.5 281.75 293.25

Hi, I'm Raj with more than ten years of trading experience. It took seven years for me to build this system. I had never believed in intraday/day trading till I found this formula. Many important factors like no. of trades per month and year, brokerage, money management, time factor, back testing performance, short term capital tax, sharp ratio, risk management etc., are taken into consideration. This system is giving more than 100%+ returns yearly and I back tested it for the last nine years. Though it gave a massive return of 290% in one year, I do not want to go with the best. Instead, I choose the worst year where we got around 96% returns.

Below are the key features of the product:

  • Monthly we might get around 70 to 90 tips i.e., around 900 to 1000 per year.
  • Profit or loss in each call is strictly one percent.
  • After it reaches 0.5% of target, we trial SL to cost and hold with 1% target and 1% SL.
  • Time frame - Intraday or BTST/STBST
  • Capital - Up to you but make sure that you distribute same capital to all stocks - Maximum of four stocks at a time. As we have short selling calls, it’s recommended to trade in futures.
  • Brokerage–Very important, STOP trading if you brokerage is more than 1 paisa or Rs.20 per order. You will never earn in stock market. We have taken 1 paisa as brokerage for calculation which is Rs.10/- per 1 Lakh and Rs.20 for other charges like STT, service, cess and others. So, altogether Rs.30 for buying one Lakh worth stock and Rs.30 for selling, a total of Rs.60 per call. Therefore, after an year, for 1000 calls, you end up paying Rs.60,000/- as brokerage.
  • Expected return - 100%+ after deducting brokerage and other charges.
  • Accuracy - Around 70%-75%
  • Charges - No worries, currently I decided to offer this for free :)

My ASKs:

There are just two asks from my side, but very important and must.

1. Patience - This is surely my first ask. Please do NOT trade if you do not have patience. At times, you do not get call for 3-4 days also and you need to sit with your cash instead of trading on your own. At times, continuously, five to six calls may hit trailing stop loss. At times, you also might get continuous stop loss hits. Only if you have patience and if you can trade all-round the year (or quarterly at least), you can end up in profits.

2. Brokerage - As I mentioned above, STOP trading if your brokerage is more than Rs.20 per order. There are many direct and indirect factors which kill your profits because of this brokerage. If we pay Rs.60,000/- brokerage per year with 1 paisa, how much would you end up paying if you have 2-3 paisa brokerage?

Note: Out of 12 months, 7-8 months could end up in profits, 2-3 months in ‘no profit no loss’ and 1-2 months in loss. So, please trade as per the strategy.

Happy Trading...